We will provide support in a caring, confidential, understanding and non-judgmental manner.  We will treat everyone with respect and recognise success.  Our volunteers, staff and trustees will all work together as a team with everyone who would like our support.


We will help people where it is most needed, at the heart of the community.  We will ensure that our services are open and accessible to all who require our help.  We will work in close partnership with others across the whole community of eating disorder expertise to maximise support and effectiveness.


We are non-judgmental and know it takes people with different ideas, strengths, interests, and cultural backgrounds to make our charity succeed. We welcome everyone and encourage healthy debate and different opinions.


Dedication and commitment are at the very heart of our charity.  Our volunteers, staff and trustees are all passionate about recovery from eating disorders and strive to improve and achieve the best in all that we do.


We will act with integrity and do what is right in all our dealings with others.  We will be open, honest, ethical and transparent and strive to achieve and maintain best practice governance and organisational systems.  We will have professionally trained teams to ensure our on-going sustainability, effectiveness and impact.