We are here to support you

Our service is designed to support your needs, whether you have an eating disorder, or someone you care about has an eating disorder.

Our services focus mainly on group support. We have found that having a supportive community around you can be cornerstone on your journey. We hope that these groups will give you a sense of community and help all that attend feel less alone and isolated.

Living with an eating disorder can be isolating. We want to lift some of that loneliness through our group and befriending services. Find out where we meet and join us.

I have an eating disorder

It can be hard to understand what a loved one who is affected by an eating disorder is going through. Our support groups facilitate conversations and exchange of experiences for those who know someone with an eating disorder.

Someone I know has an eating disorder

Hearing success stories of those who have accessed our services is heartwarming and motivates us to keep going. Read about others’ journeys here.

Read our stories

We provide regular group support sessions (online as well as offline) and a variety of public-facing events throughout the year. Find out when and where they take place.

Support Groups