Eating disorders are complex mental health issues. No matter what age, gender or background, anyone can develop an eating disorder. The following list is a list of potential symptoms you might be experiencing. This list is not comprehensive and not meant as a tool for official diagnosis. However, it might give you a first idea if you are suffering from an eating disorder. To get certainty, we highly recommend seeing your GP or a mental health professional.

  • You have a preoccupation and concern about food and gaining weight.
  • You would like to lose weight even though friends or family worry that you are underweight.
  • You let people around you think you have eaten when you haven’t.
  • You’re secretive about your eating habits because you know they’re unhealthy.
  • Eating makes you feel anxious, upset or guilty.
  • You make yourself vomit or use laxatives in order to lose weight.