We are here to support you, one-to-one.

Our Befriending service is here to support you towards recovery. Through weekly phone calls with a trained volunteer you will set achievable goals to help build your confidence so you can make positive changes. Befriending is for anyone affected by any eating disorder and would like support in their recovery. Our service also supports carers’, families and friends of anyone struggling with an eating disorder.

The aim of Befriending isn’t to tell you what to do – it is a way of encouraging and supporting you to achieve a goal, change a behaviour, and develop or build on existing skills. You and your Befriender will create a safe, confidential space, where you will have a sounding board to help you set achievable goals. This isn’t a form of clinical therapy and is not intended as a replacement for professional, clinical treatment.

You will have an initial call with your Befriender so that you can start getting to know each other and talk about your expectations from the service. They will explain more about how it works and gain more of an understanding of what you want to gain from the relationship. After your first call, you will speak to your Befriender on the phone at the same time each week. During each call, you and your Befriender will discuss the goals you have worked on, any new issues that have arisen, and what to work on for next week.

Please fill out the consent form and one of the pre-support surveys if you would like to join our Befriending services:

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If you would like to contact us regarding our befriending service, please contact us at the details below.