We offer regular support groups for those with eating disorders (age 18+, any gender). The groups are confidential, informal, friendly and always respect privacy.

They are run by trained facilitators who understand eating disorders, and everyone will have a chance to speak if they wish to, or you can just listen. If you are attending for the first time you are more than welcome to bring along a carer or friend to support you.

It will offer a safe, positive and welcoming space for anyone struggling with any kind of eating disorder, or food-related problem. The groups give you the opportunity to talk and express your feelings and concerns with those who know what it is like to have experienced an eating disorder. However, you will be under no obligation to say anything unless you wish to, but the warm and supportive atmosphere should make it easy to join in.

We hope that these groups will give you a sense of community and help all that attend feel less alone and isolated.

Resources to other services

The following resources might be of help.

The NHS offers not only basic information about eating disorders but also the process of getting treatment through the health service.

The online Counselling Directory lets you easily find counsellors and psychiatrists (online and offline) who are specialised in eating disorders.

Find further places in your area that can help with eating disorders here.

If you are unsure about what help is out there and what is best for you, feel free to get in touch and have a confidential, no obligations chat with us.

Self-help tips

We highly recommend seeking professional help if you are struggling with an eating disorder. But if you’re not ready yet or on the waiting list to see someone, the following resources can help you out in the meantime:

NHS Eating Disorder Self-Help guide

Mind’s overview of tips & tricks for handling your eating disorder

The following books might also help:

Eating Disorder Recovery Handbook

Overcoming Binge Eating

The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders in the United States offers a long list of books on eating disorders and recovery journeys.