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We are asking these questions to see what difference we can make to your life. We will ask you the same questions at the end of your befriending experience with us. We will keep your answers confidential.

Befriending Service Pre-Support Survey

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    I feel anxious about the person I care for's ED.

    I feel confident about caring for my the person I care for.

    I feel isolated.

    I feel my stress levels increasing.

    I have someone to confide in.

    I find it easy to talk about my the person I care for's ED.

    I feel physically fit.

    I feel supported in my caring role.

    I would like to meet other carers.

    I would like to learn more about how best to help the person I care for.

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    To ensure our service is safe and meets your needs we may need to share information with your befriender, any person who has power of attorney for you, any person nominated as your emergency contact or any other professionals involved with you.

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    This is an opportunity to say a bit about yourself that will be given to your befriender before their first call. It can be about your eating disorder, your hobbies, or something else entirely. Our befriending volunteers really appreciate what you have to say and we encourage you to put a few details in here to make your first conversation the best it can be:

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